cost and requirements


The duration of medical course is 6 (six) years. Seat onfirmed after successful interview in Biology and Chemistry.

First year fee structure:

Tuition fee - from 212 000 to 300 000 rubles

Hostel fee - from 18 000 till 60 000 rubles

Medical insurance and entrance medical checkup - about 6 000 rubles

Registration fee - 1 600 rubles

Equivalence certificate fee - 2730 rubles

Medical checkup - from 5 700 till 10 000 rubles

Dactyloscopy - 650 rubles

The student has to bring the following documents to the University by the time of arrival:

1. Copy of invitation letter.

2. Fees as mentioned above.

3. General medical, fitness & HIV certificates: original and notarized Russian translation.

4. Photocopy of your Russian Visa on your passport, which is issued by the Embassy.

5. Original of the school leaving certificate, legalized in a proper manner (Apostille or Co legalization) and its notarized Russian translation.

6. NEET results (for Indian citizens only)

7. 10 photographs - 3x4 cm.

8. Return flight ticket with open status.

The cost and requirements may vary. Check the current data on the universities you are interested in by our e-mail or Whatsapp.